The healing and spiritual offerings at the Wisdom of Healing School are woven from various spiritual and healing traditions. Ron teaches a path of direct perception of the Greater Reality, as guided by his teachers who were holding their direct attunements to The One through the various sacred traditions of the Earth.

Nicolas Buhalis was a Greek American artist who guided Ron in his early life through a creative apprenticeship. In the 4 years studying with Nicolas, Rons began “seeing” through the opening of his spiritual perception, this was his entry into the Living Creative Universe.

Hilda Charlton was a spiritual teacher & healer living for many years in India and settling in New York City. Under the spiritual guidance of Sri Bhagawan Nityananda, avadhoota of Ganeshpuri, and several other realized masters including Sathya Sai Baba, Hilda was existing fully established within Self. Upon returning from India, Hilda taught and guided students from all spiritual paths toward realization of Truth. Her teachings drew individuals from all paths, cultures, and spiritual traditions together. Under Hilda’s guidance, Ron entered into 13 years of traditional yogic development rooted in Advaita Vedanta to become established in The One.

Orestes Valdez was a master healer and brujo in the Afro-Cuban Yoruba tradition. Orestes guided Ron in a healing apprenticeship for 7 years, teaching the movement of healing through all planes of spiritual, psychical, and material reality. The work here involved bringing the spiritual frequencies through all realms of manifestation using the language and tradition that was correct for each individual who was seeking healing.

Yolanda Betegh was a Hungarian master healer working with the energy field of the Earth. In apprenticeship with Yolanda, Ron was guided to develop mastery of the energetic fields used in healing.

Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis, “Daskalos” was a spiritual master, guide, and healer living in Cyprus. Under the guidance of Daskalos, Ron received direct transmissions of Christian esoteric teachings on Truth and fully immersive guidance into all levels of healing. See the book: The Magus of Strovolos for an introduction to the profound sacred reality of Daskalos’ service to humanity.

Dr. Bert Hellinger was a master teacher and the creator of Family Constellations. During Ron’s work with Dr. Hellinger he developed Spiritual Healing Constellations which open the healing field beyond the family systemic level to embrace the spiritual, incarnational, archetypal, and physical levels of reality in healing. For more detail regarding Ron’s work with Dr. Hellinger, click here.