We are deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of our work. We strive for inclusive representation on our board and staff, equitable decision-making processes, and the delivery of programs that promote racial and economic justice.

In an effort to hold ourselves accountable, we have committed to work toward the following goals:

  • Develop a means to evaluate our progress toward becoming a more inclusive institution;
  • Review and develop policies to promote a more inclusive and equitable environment;
  • Involve members with a breadth of experiences and identities on our board, staff, committee and education programs;

Feedback from our community members is crucial to our success. The Wisdom of Healing School has a range of committees, all of which are deeply involved in realizing important organization-wide changes. Please reach out to us at info@wisdomofhealingschool.org if you are interested in joining a committee or have perspectives you would like to share with us.