In the Family Constellations (FC) pioneered by Dr. Bert Hellinger many years ago, the language and the revealed stories were focused through the lens of history, lineage and aspects of resonant themes held within the “Family Field” in the chosen family soul, through which the incarnation into time and space has been taken. The reorganization in FC was limited through the order of the Family Soul, its conscience, and its consciousness in terms of what it needed for its internal balancing of the whole of its structure.

By taking the Constellations into the Greater Field of Spirit from where he had originally established himself in consciousness as a Spiritual Healer, Ron Young found the immensity of the landscape and the language astounding. Contained within this Greater Spiritual Field were the language and the images of the smaller field of the original Family Constellations. A whole new universe opened with new teachings, and a very intricate, precise, and subtle language to be learned. To go forward meant literally to leave all of the “known Constellation references” behind.

From this work, the Organizational Constellation goes one step further: it expands the method from family groups to organizations.

The Organizational Constellation allows observations of the emotional operating system of an organization, including the people within it and its history. These sessions allow the organizations to look at the hidden dynamics that hold the most demanding problems in place. Seeing the obstacle and the path to clearing it results in a movement that benefits the whole organization. Organizational Constellations can bring new resolutions to the company and release energy and resources in the organization.

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