We began online meditations and healing circles on March 26, 2020 in response to requests from students and friends worldwide. On September 26, 2021, when we completed over 100 meditations and 30 healing circles, more than 1,000 participants were sitting together from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. What began as a request from a few became an international worldwide community. How beautiful is this unfolding from the Heart of Compassion of everyone who came to each sitting?

I was trained in the oral tradition. As a student, one arrived to the teacher and received the transmission and then sought with all of one’s possibility, and the Grace of Heaven and Earth, to realize the offering received through the teacher’s spiritual reality. The work of the little ones before the great ones is: to follow. In this way I moved and continue to move “forward” by following. By following, always going only where invited, the inner movement of Spirit arrived through the outer invitation of the people. The Wisdom of Healing School and the Healing Wisdom community has grown and developed into a mature body of spiritual service. Following brings great success.

When the pandemic arrived, the way I was led to work was upended. As stated above, by necessity, in a direct response to the movement of love of those who requested online meditations and teachings, the work continued “forward” as I continued to follow. Fortunately, the friends of The Wisdom of Healing School and of Healing Wisdom were sufficiently developed as to enter deeply, not into the hypnosis of the virtual reality of the screen, the web, and the fear and hate voices of the world, but into the One Reality of Life. Each had the power of perseverance, the compassion of their nature, and most importantly, the Grace of Source to maintain themselves each as a locus for the Creative Intelligence grounded in the Power of Love-Compassion to move through.

In a world of extreme and continuous opposition and death, each embraced through the fullness of their nature their loved ones, their community, and the world in which they lived perceiving within all the Beloved and the Loved One.

Ron Young

The Wisdom of Healing School had its official origins during the pandemic, therefore the programming was online.  We will continue the Meditation Series and Healing Circles in this way.  We anticipate that as the world opens there will be in person, or offline, work as well.