Ron Young – President

Ron’s work is the product of a lifetime of investigation into the Nature of Reality, the outcome of many hundreds of hours of guided spiritual development by his Teachers, and the Grace of Spirit. For Ron the work was, and remains, a full and continuous immersion. The work is also the product of forty-four plus years of continuous service with those seeking guidance, healing, and creative visioning. Ron’s work as a Spiritual Guide is to develop those who come to him by accompanying each participant “Home- to their Spirit Within.” This movement to Self is a patient unveiling, grounded in the power of compassion. The revealed gifts and the journey are unique to each individual. There are no carbon copies of the Teacher-Guide. It is the Teacher-Guide’s spiritual duty to reveal each participant to him/herself, and to assist each in the unfolding of the gifts endowed by Spirit for their great service to the Field of Life.

Sarah Peck – Vice President

Sarah has maintained an intensive spiritual practice for twenty years that has sustained her spiritual service and teaching. She carries deep respect for her mentors and teachers, each in their call to serve have continually offered all of themselves through their actions, the fruits of their work, and the lives they touch. This fullness of service is also how Sarah has strived to live her life, giving all of herself without reserve, and why she is drawn to the work of the Wisdom of Healing School. At Columbia University in New York City, as Director of the Spirituality Mind Body Masters Degree Program, Sarah had the courage to build the only experiential spiritual education program offered within the Ivy League universities. During her five years of directorship, the program became the fastest and largest growing masters program and was considered the crown jewel of spiritual education. Exceptional teachers, practitioners, and scholars offered experiential education in diverse spiritual modalities for developing therapeutic, healing, education, and business-oriented programs.  Moving forward, Sarah completed her doctorate at Columbia University, creating a landmark research study on the art of spiritual healing.  Lastly, Sarah is an adept of solo walking pilgrimages. She has walked the Shvil Yisra’el, Israel, the Via Francigena, Italy and the Camino de Santiago, Spain.

Ning Tendo – Secretary

Ning was born and raised in  Cameroon and became a faux Midwesterner (Omaha ) by way of New York. In her professional life, she is a strategic and digital transformation consultant with 10+ years of experience working on large scale global implementations spanning all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle as well as program management. In her personal life, she is a dancer in her heart, a dream yogi most nights, a poet with a taste for mischief early mornings and an apprentice to sorrow via her blog. Ning was introduced to Ron’s work through the Columbia University’s Masters program in psychology and has never looked back. After completing a one year spiritual healing practicum at Columbia, she went on to complete an 18-month advanced spiritual healing constellation training with Ron and numerous other training in the last 4 years. Ning is thrilled to be on the board of the Wisdom for Healing school and is looking forward to bringing her two worlds into synthesis by contributing her left brain skills of strategy and structure with her right brain skills of creativity, intuition and empathy.  She would like to help propagate the grace she has received from this healing work to a wider audience.  

Tania Chikhani – Treasurer

Tania is a depth-oriented, transpersonal marriage and family therapist with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and an MBA in Global Business and Marketing. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, she is also a marketing specialist and organizational consultant with almost two decades of brand management and communication experience. She has managed the full path to purchase of multimillion dollar brands at Fortune 500 companies across North America, Europe and the Middle East. Her research interests revolve around the spiritual – mind – body connection and the role it plays in family dynamics, relationships and the healing process. She has been deeply moved by Ron’s teachings since 2016 and has profound reverence and gratitude for his work and generosity. She is excited and humbled to serve on the board and assist with the school’s development and growth. In her spare time, Tania enjoys traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and cuisines, taking pictures of the moon, boxing, reading, swimming in the ocean, studying astrology, watching rom coms and attending retreats. 

Erika Mukherjee

Erika is a professor, writer, and healer, inspired by a deep and lifelong love of learning, discovery, and transformation. A Germanist by training, she’s woven spirituality, creativity,poetry, and healing into her academic work. Her long standing fascination with constellation work and spirituality led her to Ron Young’s work, which took on invaluable meaning in her own life and work. A nomad at heart, she spends her time in Texas, New York, and Germany but enjoys escaping to California whenever possible. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, foreign films, and she’s always down for a good dance party.

Rasmani Deborah Orth, MA, EdD

Rasmani was born and raised in West Virginia and now lives in western Massachusetts.  She received a masters in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Counselor Education from WVU.  She was always drawn to body-centered practices such as yoga and running.  Deborah volunteered at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for ten years.  Once on staff, she had many jobs over 36 years, but the most fulfilling was teaching psycho-educational programs with a foundation in yoga.  As a Kripalu workshop programmer in 2018, she met Ron Young and was moved by the unique combination of his teachings, guidance and meditations.  Two years later, she was diagnosed with “apparent cancer”.  Ron, along with Spirit and allopathic treatment, were instrumental in her healing. For fun she likes to hike/walk looking for vistas, do yoga and read fantasy or science fiction with strong female characters.

Marcus Miller

Marcus lives in Harlem, New York City, working as a professional musician with over 25 years of experience. Due to his extensive training in mathematics and physics, he gives workshops, talks, and writes about the connections between math and music. He has found Ron’s work to be life changing. Developing a relationship with the higher movements of the creative field has been deeply impactful to all his endeavors. As a board member, he is looking forward to helping to open this field for others.

Samantha Podrebarac

Samantha is living an unfolding path of service to humanity. Through Atman Spiritual Healing, she offers healings and constellations to those who come to her, she also supports the spiritual movements for those who are in hospice care. Samantha has served as a psychedelic guide and researcher at The Center for Psychedelic Medicine at NYU. In the psychedelic field, she  supports patients to stabilize their inner openings to the Spiritual Reality along their healing journey. She has entered into a deep spiritual immersion with Ron’s teachings for many years, and has been humbled by the sacredness of the openings. Samantha is moved to support the growth of the school from a place of reverence to the lineage of teachers and masters who have transmitted this sacred wisdom to the present. She is here in service to the spiritual development of human consciousness upon the Earth. Her free time is spent in sadhana and playing tabla.