Organized in alphabetical order by first name.

Thank You to our Organizers

Eliza Gendron – Communications

Eliza is a Spiritual Healer and Constellator. She graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Spirituality, and Mind-Body Healing, which is where she first met Ron Young back in 2017. Prior to this, she worked in communications and PR for various health and wellness companies. She feels privileged and grateful to have Ron as her Root Teacher, opening and guiding the way back to herself and her True Nature through the power of Love, and Grace. Through this work, she has gained a deeper understanding of healing that has changed the course of her life and brought about continuous blessings. She feels honored to offer spiritual service and be a part of The Wisdom of Healing School.

Ofelia Chia-Yu Lo (羅家玉) – Organizer for Asia

Ofelia has a MA and PhD in Drama Education at Warwick University, UK. She has been exploring different aspects of life in a variety of roles related to drama education over a decade: performance critics, drama practitioner, staged performer, book writer and researcher. Ofelia has received great benefits from traditional family constellations since 2017, and her interest to understand more about constellations has been growing stronger. Deep down in her heart, she is drawn to Ron’s healing work and constellations. On the one hand, her mind likes to learn more about how spiritual healing constellations work, on another hand, her intuition calls to follow where the heart goes, and asks no reason. She likes hiking, reading, walking by the seaside, sitting on grass in the park doing nothing, cooking, yoga, cardio exercise and meditation.

Sabina Celentano – Administrative Coordinator

Sabina was raised bilingual in Italian and German. She worked for 20 years in the court of law of Bolzano and other judicial offices as a translator and interpreter. In 1998 she met Ron and since that moment her life has never been the same. In the last years of her career, she was the chief responsible for all the translation work done in her region within the judicial affairs. In 2014 following an inner urgency, she quit her job. In 2019 Sabina began working for Ron, which was the beginning of a big work, allowing her to walk the path of Dedicated Service, bringing the Divine into a practical plan of existence in the earth plane; in this way there is a continuous and accelerated unfolding and expression of her inner nature. Full of gratitude she bows deeply to the unceasing Miracle of Life.

Shaoran Will Cheng and the Hesong Institute Team –  Mainland China

Shaoran Will got his master degree in psychology from Columbia University. He is the first trained Holotropic Breathwork facilitator in China and he has been working on bringing breathwork into China for the past ten years.  He founded Hesong Institute in 2014 after getting a vision about its name “ Hesong : union of all core truth “ .  Hesong‘s logo is from a vision in which he saw the union of Shiva, Genesha and the Eternity energy.   He is a devotee of Indian “hugging saint“ Amma and he has been working on bringing hundreds of Chinese to HER arms .  He is a student of Ron and also an organizer of Ron for his work in China.

Hesong Institute is an organization that brings healing to people through psychology, breathwork, astrology, constellations, and other methods. It has helped thousands of people on their spiritual path and transformed their lives.

Shining Jing – Organizer for Asia

Shining was introduced to Ron’s work through a good friend of her, Lu Yu in 2020. Learning with Ron has brought her many beautiful things in an intangible manner in these years. Many extraordinary things happened that are beyond words. Now she keeps learning in depth and exploring the possibilities to the unknown future. She is very grateful to Ron and Sarah.

Simone Lamberti – Webmaster and Technology Specialist

Simone works as an IT system administrator, application support, and problem solver for the Department of Justice in Italy. Working with different bureaus, he has the opportunity to deepen issues and to propose solutions for the best cooperation and outcome for each party involved. Martial arts are his passion. In addition to his personal practice, he is part of a staff that teaches/trains kids and adults for their best athletic and human growth. He enjoys riding his motorbike on mountain roads and being captured by the beauty of nature. He has known Ron and his work since 2012, starting with “The Power to Succeed Training”. For Simone, Ron’s work is like a highway to open up to his true nature and be able to express it. He is honored to support Ron’s work and receive his Teachings to move forward.

Thank You to our Translators

Adalyn Yuen Ping Chan – Cantonese

Adalyn takes creative and spiritual paths in equal measure. Adalyn is a Healing and Relieving Art Trainer. She runs an art company for whole person development in Hong Kong. Adalyn studied English in college. She started to serve as a Chinese-English bilingual translator in seminary when she studied her Master there. Since then, Adalyn finds herself naturally in a role of translator in every setting she arrives at. Translating for Ron and Sarah from the field of living intelligence is her joyful and grateful expression of spiritual service to mankind.

Cindy Balan – French

Cindy found the ideal approach to address intergenerational traumas and social problems through constellation work. To her, translating is a service that enables her to share vital knowledge dedicated to making the Earth a better place. She finds ways to incorporate this precious work as a teacher, coach, and facilitator. She is continuing her training by pursuing an Educational Studies degree at Concordia University. She is inspired by all who wear interconnected hats of research and practice.

Denisse Becerra – Spanish

Denisse is originally from Peru and started working with Ron almost 10 years ago. She works as a General Counsel for a US Company, but her passion is her work as an Archetypal Life Coach. During the pandemic and almost “by accident,” Denisse started the adventure of translating for Ron’s and Sarah’s meditations and found it as a profound experience and calling.

Francesco Benivegna – Italian

After his studies in Italy and the United States, Francesco’s professional use of languages was consolidated thanks to the management of multilingual projects, widening his horizons from the arts to the sciences. His inner quest offered him the chance to be in the right place at the right time and participate in the dissemination of the Language of Spirit across all borders, acknowledging the invaluable multiplicity of its tonalities, frequencies, and fragrances. 

Hina Yue Guo – Mandarin and Simplified Chinese

Hina lives in Shanghai, China. She graduated from the Philosophy Department of Fudan University. Now she works as a translator and interpreter in psychology and spirituality. Her translation is widely praised because of refined language and logic. She was converted to Buddhism at the age of 23 and follows the path of Dharma through study, contemplation and meditation. With a metaphysical perspective, she has studied and practiced astrology, Tarot and oriental divination disciplines for many years. From 2018 to 2019, she had 5 months of spiritual retreats in Amma’s Ashram in India.

Hofan Chau (周可凡) – Cantonese

After a decade on stage as an actor, director and dancer, Hofan now connects the inner and outer worlds through her work teaching tai chi, hands-on healing and Heart Imagery meditation. In the past five years she also began interpreting for her teachers, in hope that their work may become accessible to the Hong Kong community.

Hua Jing – Mandarin

Born and raised in Beijing, Hua started rigorous language training at home when she was a child. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English which she received at the age of 18, as well a Master’s of EU Economic Law from the Sorbonne Law School (University of Paris 1). She is also a professional astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research. Hua currently lives in Taipei, where she runs a publishing company specialized in Western astrology, and pursues further training as a singer-songwriter. Hua also speaks fluent French and some Japanese.

Kalliopi Klontza – Greek

Kalliopi was born in Crete, Greece and for the last few years has lived partly in Greece and partly in Italy. She is a fertility awareness coach, an energy therapist, Tai Chi instructor and spiritual healer and Constellator. She speaks fluent English, Italian and Greek and has been translating Ron’s meditations and training since 2020. She has been following and practicing Ron’s teachings since 2009.

Marie Brouillard – French

Marie graduated from the University of Montréal, School of Industrial Relations. A Human Resources consultant, she is also a polarity practitioner and organizational constellation facilitator. Marie is grateful for what she has received. She is pleased to contribute to the diffusion of Ron’s teachings that empower us in the reconnection to The Source of Life.

Marie-José Richard – French

Marie-José  worked many years as a physical therapist in Québec with a holistic approach. She considers a person as a whole beyond the physical body. On a spiritual journey for decades, she mainly received her teachings from Ron. She also feels privileged to have met and received guidance from Hilda Charlton and Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis also called Daskalos. She has been practicing as a  Constellator on a regular basis since 2012.

Ofelia Chia-Yu Lo (羅家玉) – Mandarin and Traditional Chinese

Ofelia has been  a drama practitioner on and off over a decade, and her view on spiritual life has been expanding widely since September 2017, when worked with Ron for the first time in Taiwan. Later in 2019, she changed career working in a company which holds family constellations. Now she is a lifelong learner and practitioner of Orders of Love. She loves the natural environment and anything that is from Mother Earth. She is translating for Ron, and doing this work means more than translating language from one to another. It is more akin to translating a spiritual development that seems to be unfathomable into earthly understanding. She is grateful to the new path unfolding in front of her ever since joining the team from June, 2021. 

Olga Perez – Spanish

Olga is a native from Puerto Rico. Her life work has been facilitating communication between parties as a lawyer-counselor, mediator, teacher and translator. She currently directs a New York State Court program assisting court appointed guardians of incapacitated family members. A longtime student of Ron and more recently of Sarah, and seeing healing as a path to Spirit, Olga is grateful to contribute to the dissemination of the teachings of Ron. Olga enjoys dance and movement in all forms and is a huge fan of flamenco art.

Yurii Kotlyar – Russian

Yurii was born in Kharkiv, Eastern Ukraine and lives as a cheerful and inventive person. Spirituality knocked on his door at the age of 23. He read the Bible, then the Bhagavad Gita, then became a healer, interested in the inner world of the Spirit, lived ten years in the organization of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, was a Purusha, and studied Sanskrit. He is engaged in spiritual activities in Ukraine as a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, Oneness Trainer, Theta Healing Practitioner, and Reconnective Healing. He also studied and taught Advaita, Slavic practices and spiritual knowledge of India and China. Since 2007, he has been organizing groups of annual pilgrimages to India to holy places. He met Ron in October 2021 which has created a tremendous impact on him.

Thank You to our Musicians

Anna Odell – Harp

Anna is an accomplished soloist acclaimed for her musicality and sensitive playing. She performs regularly with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C. Enthusiastic about pioneering new music on the harp, Anna has been featured in the World Premieres of many works, and has collaborated with The Philadelphia Singers, the contemporary group eighth blackbird, and the bluegrass DePue Brothers Band. In 2014, Anna pioneered a partnership between the Curtis Institute of Music and Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, where trained musicians performed for hospital audiences. Anna has degrees from the University of Toronto, University of Cincinnati, and Curtis Institute of Music. She currently teaches in Northern Virginia.


Dawn Avery – Cello, voice

Dawn is a Grammy-nominated cellist/vocalist/composer/educator and world music artist, who shares contemporary soundscapes that reflect a deep devotion to sacred traditions, including her own Mohawk heritage and 39 years of work with Ron that permeates her life. Dr. Avery holds a PhD in ethnomusicology specializing in Native American Classical music and runs a world music program at Montgomery College in Maryland. She is dedicated to holding a spiritual vibration in relational collaborations that are devoted to positive change.

Giovanni Voneki – Guitar, voice

Giovanni is an Italian/Hungarian singer, guitar player, composer and producer who lives in Taiwan and performs at public events, live and on TV. He shares his spirituality and heart through his music and sings in English, Mandarin and Italian. After working with Ron since 2016, he has found new creative energy and started releasing his own original songs in Mandarin and English through the channel of pop music. He enjoys a simple life with his Taiwanese wife Angie and daughter Martina outside of the city and working with Healing Wisdom, participating in Ron and Sarah’s spiritual groups by sharing his presence and music.

Helga Schleeh – Voice, flute, guitar, digital instruments, handpan, percussion

Helga has led peace projects at the United Nations in New York and worked with the World Council of Churches presenting art, music, and dance for peace at the United Nations. She is a practicing visual artist and musician and certified leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, giving workshops, concerts, and exhibitions all over the world. She has played music with various groups and uses music for healing and opening consciousness. She founded the Full Circle Mandala Project for Peace in the Middle East. She gratefully felt called to play music with the talented musician Marc Poellhuber for Ron and Sarah, after a four-hour healing session.

Hua Jing – Voice

Born and raised in Beijing, Hua started rigorous language training at home when she was a child. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English which she received at the age of 18, as well a Master’s of EU Economic Law from the Sorbonne Law School (University of Paris 1). She is also a professional astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research. Hua currently lives in Taipei, where she runs a publishing company specialized in Western astrology, and pursues further training as a singer-songwriter. Hua also speaks fluent French and some Japanese.

Laure Balon – Voice

An artist since her childhood, Laure was very fortunate to do what she loved! She has performed in many musicals, in different countries and different languages. She is touring right now all over France as a singer, actress in a show called: Dansons Maintenant. It’s a pleasure today to teach in two different musical theater schools and share her passion with utu artists. She is also a Shiatsu Therapist in between her musical contracts. Her hobbies are singing, playing piano and creating, riding her bicycle and cooking. Ron, through his training, made her dream possible to come true, and to believe in it. It’s a real pleasure to share it with this beautiful circle and be part of it. Thank you. She is very grateful to Ron and all of you in this path.

Marc Poellhuber – Guitar, keyboard, voice, bansuri, percussion

Marc is a university trained classical and jazz musician living north of Montreal and has released a solo piano album in 2019. He was an artist (musician) in residence in France in September 2021, composed for movies and theater, and has received several grants. Helga and Marc collaborate regularly for music for concerts and for the past year are delighted to be part of the fabulous music team with Ron.

Marcus Miller – Saxophone, voice

Marcus is a professional saxophonist who has performed at venues like Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, The Obama White House, and countless festivals around the world. Because of his extensive training in mathematics and physics, he has held a residency with the National Museum of Mathematics discussing the relationship between math and music, which has led to features at TED, Scientific American, Pioneer Works, and universities internationally. Marcus has been studying with Ron for four years and includes what he’s learned about meditation, healing and spiritual traditions into his work. He is excited to assist in building the school as a container for grace, healing, and relationship with the divine as a service to the world. Marcus has been performing music since he was 13 years old. He matriculated to Harvard University where he graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics. He briefly worked at Bridgewater Associates before becoming a full-time musician.

Micheal Angelo Falco – Guitar, voice

Michael Angelo Falco is a photographer, author and songwriter residing in New York’s Hudson Valley. Falco’s artistic endeavors began at age 10 where he acquired his first guitar. At age 11 he joined his first rock band and began his college years studying music. During his music studies, Falco discovered photography, landed a job at a local newspaper, and went into a career as a photojournalist. Since, with thirty years of experience as a photographer, Falco’s name has appeared in the pages of National Geographic and the New York Times, among others, has had three books published of his work, and is a Commissioned New York City Public Artist. Although music has always been a big part of Falco’s life, it was after meeting and working with Ron Young in 2018 that the music truly began to flow again. In the last few years Falco has written and recorded dozens of original songs and is a frequent musician contributor to Healing Wisdom’s Global Meditation Series. Michael is also a documentarian and archivist for Healing Wisdom.

Richard Shulman – Piano

A composer, keyboardist and recording artist, Richard creates meditative, jazz and classical music to uplift listeners. He has performed at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall, the United Nations, numerous venues in North America and Europe, and has created hundreds of Musical Soul Portraits for individuals, families and groups. His 28 albums are available on his website, online stores, and streaming services. Richard met Ron in 1983 through Hilda Charlton’s classes and feels very grateful for their years of working together.

Samantha Podrebarac – Tablas

Samantha is a spiritual healer and psychedelic guide, and has studied tabla in the Farrukhabad Gharana with Pt. Samir Chatterjee. Samantha entered deeply into immersive study with Ron for many years and is grateful to join the musicians in supporting these sacred openings to Source. Her tabla offering is a doorway to the echoes of Shakti and she plays from the field of living creation to assist all in deepening their entry into the heart of MA, the Divine Mother.

Kotlyar family: Anna, Yurii, Tatiana, and Svetlana – Voice

Yurri first began studying sacred Sanskrit in 1994 at the Maharishi Vedic University. It was an unforgettable experience getting to know the ancient Vedas and sacred texts that are many thousands of years old. Then he took a course with Michel Angot, a professor at the University of Paris, Sorbonne. It was many hours of training, practice and immersion in sacred spiritual states and many, many miracles in life as a result of practicing sacred chanting in Sanskrit. His family joined him in this incredible experience and knowledge of the Vedas. Since then, they have learned many different hymns by heart and have been singing them daily for many years together. Thank God for such a great gift of being a part of the singing of sacred texts.